How we Operate

At the core, we are setting standards, building trust, driving Innovation, efficiencies, and sustainability across Africa's fashion and beauty industry. We do this to increase economic opportunities for our partners and make it easy for consumers to get the best products to enable them to live happy and achieve more.

We Exist For Our Customers

We are obsessed with the consumers. We are constantly thinking of innovative ways to serve them. We are setting new standards for the consumers. We are offering them more. Easy access. High Quality. Great prices. Delightful experiences. We are inspiring them to break boundaries. We want to give them everything they need to live happy and achieve more.

We are building and inspiring a new way for Africans to purchase fashion and beauty products.

We Are On A Journey With Our Partners

To serve our customers and fulfill our promises, we partner with partners who share and are deeply driven by our mission and values. We identify ambitious brands willing to challenge themselves every day to make things to help people live happy and achieve more. We seek partners for the long term, learning, growing, and breaking boundaries together. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

We are on a journey with the people building Africa's global fashion and beauty brands.

Partner with Us

How We Achieve Our Goals

We achieve our goals through our amazing people, partnerships, and innovative business models and application of technology.

We form exceptional partnerships, innovate & collaborate with our partners, and provide extraordinary services and experiences for our customers.


African fashion and beauty brands experience four fundamental problems hindering their growth: access to finance, access to new markets, access to resources, and unpredictable/low revenues. By partnering with them, we help mitigate these challenges through our innovative business model and application of technology to enable them to focus on making unique high-quality products for consumers.

Innovation and collaboration

Our model consider how African brands currently produce and allows them to produce in small batches/collections and scale up as demand increases. This way, they maximize their production capacity, and we drive efficiency and sustainable production across the supply chain. We perform quality assurance on products delivered to our warehouse and accept the products that meet our standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Products we accept are listed on the App. Consumers can easily access these products through a stunning and easy-to-navigate user interface, giving them an exceptional mobile experience. When they find the products they love, they add them to the cart and seamlessly checkout. We process the order and deliver the products within two days, enabling our customers to live happy and achieve more.