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We make it easy for everyone to access, discover, and shop for high-quality African fashion and beauty products from African brands at great prices.

Our Story

ItaraShop is the first product of Itara. In line with Itara's mission to accelerate growth and shared prosperity, we have identified a broad gap in the African fashion and beauty market. The market is highly fragmented and informal, leading to poor/substandard product quality and loss of revenues because of excessive importing.

ItaraShop was founded to bridge Africa's fashion and beauty industry gap by ensuring Africans easily access high-quality products from African brands and to empower African brands to scale. We believe we are at a critical junction where Africa must harness its human and natural resources to build the fashion and beauty industry by building a robust and resilient supply chain in Africa. This is even more critical with the disruptions to the global supply chains due to COVID-19, the great resignation, power issues in factories in China amongst other issues.

Africa today has been presented a unique opportunity to build its supply chain, produce products of global standards, and efficiently integrate into global value chains with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). ItaraShop will be leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to exponentially increase intra-African trade and take African fashion and beauty brands to global markets through e-commerce. We are building and scaling African fashion and retail brands and integrating them into regional and international trade with ease, increasing economic opportunities for them and the communities they live and work.

We are a purpose-driven platform committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ItaraShop focuses on SDG 3, 5, and 8 - 12 of good health and well-being, gender inequality, decent work and economic growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequality, Sustainable cities and communities, and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for Africans to access high quality African fashion and beauty brands and empower Africans build fashion and beauty brands fit for global markets for Africans.

Our Vision

We envision a world where African fashion and beauty brands manufacture products on the continent and create economic opportunities in Africa's fashion and beauty value chain.

Principles of Operations

Exceptional customer
service & experience

We are obsessively customer-driven. The customer comes first, and we genuinely believe this. Every day we ask, "Are we helping our customers live happy and achieve more?"

Partnerships and collaborations

We believe in co-creation with our partners to unlock new possibilities to make and deliver high-quality products for the consumers.

Inclusive growth

We do what we do to create a better world where we all thrive. We provide our consumers access to the products to enable them to thrive, and we increase economic opportunities for our partners, leading to inclusive, sustainable, and equitable growth for all.


We believe our environment must be protected and conserved. Through our platform, we drive sustainable production and consumption. We educate our partners and consumers on the importance of sustainable production and consumption.


Design is the core of product development. Hence, we inspire our partners to create distinctly simple and functional products for our consumers.


To provide the best products and services, Innovation is the heart of what we do. We ask ourselves every day, "How can we create new services and offerings to improve the lives of our consumers?"


We believe in the power of storytelling to captivate our audience. We provide a medium for our consumers and partners to tell their stories to inspire everyone to live happy and achieve more.


Community building is integral to our business. We build and foster communities around our offerings to educate our consumers and strengthen trust and adoption around these offerings.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach towards African fashion and beauty value chain, building and scaling African brands, and how consumers access African fashion and beauty brands. We are leveraging technology and innovative models to achieve our goals. We are digitizing, standardizing, and aggregating the African fashion and beauty manufacturing value chain to increase economic opportunities for African brands while making it easy for consumers to access high-quality African fashion and beauty products.

We accept products that are made in Nigeria, made in Africa, and made in factories outside Africa. We only accept products made outside Africa if we believe we do not have the comparative advantage of manufacturing on the continent or if the quality is superior to what we can produce on the continent.

All products we accept are stored in our warehouse and available for shipping based on the delivery preference chosen by the customer.

Our Curiosity drives us

Our innate Curiosity leads us to ask this critical question

How can we ensure Africans easily access high-quality fashion and beauty products from African brands and how can we empower African brands to scale?

We are building a fully functional and digitized ecosystem to bridge this gap. We partner with ambitious makers - Brands, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Artisans, and Manufacturers - governments, institutions, consumers, and relevant stakeholders to build the ecosystem and bridge the divide.

We believe Innovation will lead to shared prosperity

In collaboration with our partners, we are formulating and designing innovative models to advance the ecosystem – from material sourcing, through design, to production, to logistics and warehousing, and consumer experience. We are on a journey motivated by our passion for accelerated development in Africa and the local communities.

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We think Glocal from day one

We believe globalization and localization can co-exist and be a force for good for all. We are building a seamless blend between global and local value chains and making products easily accessible irrespective of where it was produced and where you live. We believe everyone can and should benefit from local and global trade.

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